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Adaptogenz One

Learn how we marketed “the product that gives people their life back”.

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adaptogenz one product
We designed and developed a platform for a superfood company looking to offer a natural solution to diabetes.

Perhaps our most inspiring project to date, we had our designers create a beautiful website and portal for Adaptogen, which used natural tones and gave the impression of health and wellbeing throughout.

Our developers also went above and beyond, when given the task of developing a custom order and payment portal, which handles all aspects of the payment process. They created a simplistic yet feature-rich portal that made packing, tracking and delivering orders an easy task for the company.

adaptogenz one product
You might be wondering what exactly are ‘Adaptogens’ and why the cause was inspirational to us?

Adaptogens are herbal superfoods used in herbal medicine that stabilise the body's physiological processes and promote a state of homeostasis. The concept was originally created in 1947 and the substance was used to increase one's resistance to stress. However, since then they have been found to mitigate the effects of type ll diabetes. The US is currently facing a pharmaceutical crisis, whereby the price of pharmaceutical medicine has been rising to prices that are now unaffordable to many. This has meant that many Americans who suffer from diabetes have been having a difficult time paying for their medicine, so it was great to be given the opportunity to help develop and market a cheap, effective alternative that can potentially help improve the lives of millions.

adaptogenz one product


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adaptogenz one product

Its responsive design and layout offers the customer clear and concise information and allows payments to be made in a matter of seconds.

Once the payment is recieved, the order is reflected on the companies’ portal in real time, allowing them to promptly ship the order.

adaptogenz one product

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