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Robby Robinson

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About Robby Robinson ‘The Black Prince’

Robby Robinson ‘The Black Prince’ is a heavyweight bodybuilder residing in Venice, CA made famous by his appearances in the 1970s hit ‘Pumping Iron’ as well as his immeasurable success in Competition.

Robby’s team approached us with the idea of having Robby train clients through a mobile app. The app allows users to get a full insight into Robby’s workout/diet plan and the opportunity to speak to Robby through our revolutionary 24/7 live chat feature. Having such an experienced athlete to work with  inspired out to create the best bodybuilding app on the market.

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‘The Black Prince’

Former MR Olympia, Mr Universe, Mr America, Mr Lifestyle and a Bodybuilding Hall of fame inductee.

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We sent two of our team members to Sunny California to shoot Robby in the iconic Gold’s Gym over a two week period.

This allowed us to tailor exercises to meet the needs of his client base and gain a deeper understanding into Robby’s aspirations for the app.

Each workout video contains in-depth audio and visual guidance from Robby, to ensure the correct technique. These workout plans display daily exercises, sets, reps and rest breaks. If you want to become a body builder with out spending thousands on a personal trainer, this is the app for you.


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